About Us

We are a team of developers, engineers and digitization experts. Years of experience and the drive to find new, innovative solutions to complex processes are what set us apart.
tecpert - the technology experts


We are in the age of digital transformation. The results are more and more innovative and disruptive changes in the world. We are technology experts with an intense focus on efficiency and automatization processes


Creation of complex systems and the introduction of technical applications is one of the most important topics. We create an optimal lean management, paired with a successful implementation coupled with high productivity

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent algorithms are increasingly determining our daily life. A well-built "AI" can draw data-based conclusions and act accordingly. We at tecpert rely on AI and machine learning for certain use-cases


Data processing, evaluation, benchmark & validation. Nowadays data is the most valuable asset. We use data for a basis to optimize our software and offer the customers a higher level of service


Our competence lies in the implementation of new ideas. If you have any questions or concerns.
Please feel free to contact us at any time

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